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Online Marketers

Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford is a name you will see quite frequently on the Internet. He began working on his first Internet business in 1996 while still in the military because he sought a mobile business opportunity that could transfer from post to post as his career in the military moved. He is often billed as an Internet marketing expert and consultant.

I recently spent time listening to an audio presentation, "Secrets Revealed of a Successful Online Marketer - Willie Crawford" featuring both Willie Crawford and Patric Chan. You can listen to the same presentation at http://www.InternetMarketingHowToWorkshop.com/willie-patric.mp3 to form your own opinion.

What Willie Crawford did early on was to develop his own product. You have all heard that to be successful on the Internet, you have to have your own products. While this is certainly part of a successful strategy it is not absolutely necessary. However, Mr. Crawford impresses me because he didn't set out to become an Internet marketing guru. He was simply a man with a passion for cooking . He parlayed his heritage recipes passed down to him by his grandmother into an Internet website devoted to recipes. From this he began a cookbook empire on the suggestions of his visitors.

Here you can see the successful ingredients of a business; a informational product (recipes/cookbooks) that you are passionate about with a niche market passionate about the product. He also collected and built an enormous list of subscribers to his site to which he continue marketing and selling.

Willie Crawford then took what he had learned from his original venture on the Internet and developed other Internet marketing businesses, consulting services, and seminar presentations. He's focused on the "how to" of business development and provides a lifetime guarantee on the value of his seminar teachings. So, if you plan to attend there's no risk. That is a pretty amazing guarantee.

His tools for success include intense email contact with his subscriber list. Often he contacts them daily. His subscribers are also participants submitting recipes for consideration to his site, so the site continually generates new content which is a must with ranking in the search engines.

Willie Crawford believes in being the expert, a key component to building trust with customers. He uses article marketing, press releases, submission to newsletter distribution services and direct mail marketing as valuable tools for generating his expert reputation and driving traffic to his websites.

Willie Crawford has been around a long time. His story is one worth paying attention to. You can check him out at http://www.williecrawford.com. You will see that his formula for success is a viable method for creating wealth and lifestyle freedom.

Since I review marketing gurus and work from home Internet business opportunities, I suggest you review Willie Crawford and his methods.




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