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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the only disease that all of us with Internet businesses would love to have! It is the ever expanding name recognition that you receive every time your name, service, product, website address or information is passed from one person to another. Just like a virus, but not as nasty as the real thing.

What I love about viral marketing is that it increases dramatically the number of prospects, conversions, and customers that I have with absolutely no additional effort on my part. Considering how much work went into making this business successful initially, it really feels great when the effects of viral marketing start to show up in your business.

You can set up a viral marketing campaign and watch it snowball, and it will most likely happen if you laid an excellent foundation with your content, product, and customer service early on. People don't mind spreading the word, and this is much like word of mouth advertising, if they feel they got value for their dollar.

So, do your homework from the beginning and at some time your advertising can and will be of the viral nature, but don't expect this immediately. Putting up a website is not going to produce this effect.




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