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Not Recommended

Val Smith

Val Smith is a bright guy who is a great promotionist. I’m not sure he has a strong business foundation because the system he promotes, Mentors in Motion, to my knowledge isn’t making anyone a dime.

I love helping people create businesses that reflect their dreams and that make them money. Don’t spend your money, especially those valuable start-up dollars, on anything that doesn’t come with a dedicated support system. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t profited, both literally and figuratively, by great mentoring. My success was guaranteed early on because I had a great mentor. Personally, I am annoyed when I buy any of the advertised Internet products and don’t have the focused attention of a customer service department.

Mentors in Motion is not recommended. If you want to know more about tele-conferencing products and providers, call me. There are services out there that I will recommend if this is part of your business plan.




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