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Send Out Cards™

Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards... a concept and service that is changing people's lives!

Brief overview of Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is a web based contact management program with more than 2,500 greeting cards to choose from. Send Out Cards is designed with convenience and cost in mind. With Send Out Cards you can send a printed greeting card or postcard from your computer in less than 60 seconds and it costs you less than buying a greeting card at the store: Send Postcards for $.70 cents and Greeting Cards for $1.00 each (this includes postage). With a click of your mouse you can mail out multiple cards with a single message and have them personalized for each person or type each card individually!

Its super easy to use. Add all your contacts from your address book or import your contacts' names and addresses from your database into your own secure Contact Manager in your Send Out Cards account online. Choose a card, and then type your message. Hit the Send Button and we take care of the rest! We print it, fold it, stuff it into the pre-addressed envelope, stamp it with a REAL stamp and mail it for you within 24 hours a real card for a dollar!

You can create System Reminders for Birthdays and Anniversaries. Imagine doing your Christmas cards in less than 5 minutes! You can upload your own photos and they will be printed in your card! You can even have us print the cards in your own handwriting with our unique handwriting font software and you can put your own signature on each card. You can even send personal checks in your cards, and you can include Gift Cards in the cards from merchants such as Starbucks, Bed Bath & Beyond, Borders, Several Restaurants, Home Depot, The Gap, Banana Republic and more.

Now take a one minute tour of Send Out Cards and what it can do by clicking here: Send Out Cards!

By clicking on this presentation you can learn about the ways to use Send Out Cards. One option not mentioned is you can have an account with Send Out Cards for $25 which gives you 10 cards with 10 stamps and recharge this account online when you want to send more cards. You can see a varietyof options by visiting this page of the site: Send Out Cards Presentations!

We all want to let people know we care about them. Make good on your own intentions by sending your first card today.




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