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Online Marketers

Ryan Deiss

I like this guy. Ryan Deiss is a self-made success on the Internet. I ran across his 2002 publication, The Great Ezine Experiment…How to Create Unlimited Profits on a Limited Budget." I loved the simple, straight forward, sequential presentation of information both valuable and timely even in 2005 for successful Internet start-ups.

He offers a "proven, step by step formula for turning a simple newsletter/ezine into your very own online empire." What he also offers is practical advice for the would be entrepreneur on a limited budget that works. Ryan Deiss stresses that a moderate start-up investment and a simple newsletter/ezine product for a targeted niche market can generate the audience (subscribers) to sustain a viable Internet income. He also stresses that this is not a get rich quick mechanism to success and that it requires work.

The jewel here is using the needs of the subscriber list to either create new products or find resell rights to products that can be sold to the subscriber list. Continual subscribers, continual querying of their needs, continual products, and continual sales is a great and proven strategy. It works.

In case you haven't noticed the subscriber list generates your leads for future sales while you find or create the perfect product to present to your subscribers for those sales. You'll get access to Ryan Deiss and his many other successful products when you read through The Great Ezine Experiment. These products reflect his ability to ask and discern the needs of his subscribers.

One key point that Ryan Deiss stresses repeatedly is that your newsletter/ezine must be unique in order to be successful. His Webs Worth Watching is a great example. He also stresses that the products you offer your subscribers work well is they are a mix of great affiliate offerings, resell rights to poorly known or marketed products, and your own products. Each product must have its own domain name and website.

Ryan Deiss is the founder of Softniche Solutions and Webs Worth Watching. You can get a copy of his newsletter at http://www.SiteSightings.com.

I recommend The Great Ezine Experiment as solid advice for those of you needing useful start-advice, especially for those of you on a budget. I have not used his other products, but feel he would be open to inquiries about them. His ebook remains timely and applicable regardless of your Internet business expertise.




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