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Multi-Level Marketing

Reliv International

I had the pleasure recently of meeting Terry Kilburg. Terry has a remarkable network marketing success story with Reliv International that I want to share with you. Reliv International has always had a fine reputation, but with people like Terry in their camp, it isn’t hard to see why Reliv Internation just earned the distinction of being listed number 48 in Fortune Small Business (FSB) 100 – America’s Fastest Growing Small Public Companies.

Terry tells me the success is based on the company’s science based products that are easy to use and understand. He says that Reliv International takes aging, prevention, sports enhancement and weight management to a healthier, safer level. He also attributes the success to a dedicated distributor group.

Terry began his journey with Reliv International in April 2001. Eight years earlier right before his 16th birthday Terry had taken a powerful hit on the football field. While not paralyzed, he did have problems with his balance, speech, and coordination. When traditional medical treatments produced no further improvements in his condition, Terry tried Reliv products and has continued to see improvement from that day forth. He was hooked because the products worked!

Since that time, Terry has worked to grow his Reliv business with all the great business tools available to Reliv International distributors. He invited me to attend a listen only training call to see what all the excitement was about, and it makes sense when you know that the organization is listed as one of the best performing companies by prestigious business magazines like Forbes, Fortune and Businessweek. Success from Home magazine devoted an entire edition to the publicly traded company in July 2006 with a DVD insert and 100 plus pages.

Here’s some important facts on Reliv International.

Reliv International now does business in more than 11 countries. The list of countries can be found at www.reliv.com.

  • Different countries have certifications on products. This information is available at www.reliv.com/us/inside/productsable.html.
  • Reliv International enjoys a special certification in Australia and Canada.
  • Reliv does all the research, development, and manufacturing in house. Nothing is done elsewhere.
  • Reliv has only powered products, no bars, no gourmet dishes, and all with only non-gmo soy.
  • Becoming a distributor is affordable. For only $39.95 you can get involved with commissions of 20% - 40%.
  • No inventory required. Direct shipping to customers with credit to the distributor.
  • Wholesale commission is earned on all distributors unless they are at the 40% level. Then Reliv pays generation royalties starting at 8% - 5 levels deep with unlimited width. And, when you sponsor 3 or more to the 40% level, extra %’s are added to your royalties.

This review replaces the outdated one on this site. Thanks to top notch distributors like Terry Kilburg, I am fortunate to get up to date information on the growth of exceptional companies like Reliv International.

Contact Terry directly at kilburg@iowatelecom.net or by phone at 563-872-3788. All sales are made with the help of a distributor. You can learn more about the product line at www.reliv.com. Reliv International is recommended as a great business opportunity for those of you passionate about health and wellness.




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