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Note Network

I had a friend who begged me to get involved in a scheme similar to America's Note Network, called World Leadership Group. So, I have some familiarity with the concept of the note business. For that experience I am grateful.

Let me say that the note business was foreign to me, didn't match my skills or knowledge base, or interest me. I did it for a friend. Needless to say, I no longer make decisions for this reason, but back then in the early days of experimenting with self employment, I made many detours. I wouldn't repeat the experience. The lesson learned here is to beware of persuasion with consideration of your talents or desires.

Russ Dalbey has an infomercial for America's Note Network and is the author of a book called Winning the Cash Flow Business. Basically, you sign up, purchase the products geared to learning the note business, place ads, and attract customers. For every note you send to headquarters, a commission is forthcoming to you.

When I signed up for World Leadership Group, I had to pass a series of tests on the note business and study, study, study. This would have been immensely helpful had my upline sponsor not sent me the answers to every test. He was pretty anxious to have me out hunting notes.

I really did not understand the note business and I had no idea of exactly how much more I really needed to learn to be successful. I decided, as did my friend, that this was not the business for me.

My sources tell me that Russ Dalbey's America's Note Network will continue to suggest ongoing products to you once you sign up and that all this additional material comes with some pretty big price tags. And, that the pressure is unrelenting to purchase, so that you know the business and can succeed. I understand that this continues until you simply lose interest and give up, or get angry at the continued and escalating costs of starting up this business, demand a refund and are refused, or until America's Note Network is reported to the Federal Trade Commission for investigation.

So don't go here unless you're already prepared because this business is your professional background. Then go with some other outfit besides America's Note Network. Find a resource that will give you a legitimate offer of a viable business.

For most of you, reconsider what you really want to do before deciding upon the note business. Don't be persuaded by the Russ Dalbeys' of the world. They aren't going to be there when you need their help.




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