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In My Experience
This month's In My Experience piece is entitled "Keeping the Wolves at Bay" and speaks to those of us who are longing to quit their day jobs and strike it out on their own. It's a look before you leap tale.

Network Marketing: Building A Downline
A word on building your network of business opportunities both long and short term.

Review of the Month: NuSkin Enterprises
They have an excellent compensation plan which can be reviewed online at their website. The compensation plan goes 7 levels deep, and representatives also enjoy overrides on top.

Marketing On The Internet: Google AdSense
Interested in getting to the top of Google with your new website? Believe it or not you can buy your way there.

What's New at Home Biz Critic

In My Experience

Keeping the Wolves at Bay

You dream of the day you can work solely for yourself. I've been there. The constant tug of any entrepreneur is how to endure and thrive in any corporate climate (even the best ones) while self employment remains a possibility. You want to reclaim your time. You want to create your financial destiny. You want to spend more time with the people you love. You've seen and experienced the effects of corporate life on your psyche. You are not fooled or lulled into the illusion. You want out now.

On many a day, I receive more than one call from a start up entrepreneur wanting to know how to make big money quickly. This call is often tinged with desperation. While there is nothing wrong with this thinking, the question is often posed to me by someone who has just recently quit their job, or perhaps lost their job due to downsizing. Their only real question here is how do I make this unemployed situation in which I now find myself work, so that I never have to go back to work for someone else again? I hear all the horror stories, and many of them involve no planning whatsoever.

It's a question all of us that are hungry to be free of the shackles of working for someone else ask, but exiting a current job without a strategy for building your own business can make your journey more difficult than it need be. Downsizing is another duck altogether because you may not have seen it coming, but it doesn't absolve you of doing your homework prior to launching a business. So, before you get caught with your shorts down, let's review some of the strategies for growing a business while keeping the wolves at bay. Worrying about keeping a roof over your head and paying the bills won't make your journey into self employment very pleasant.

Have An Exit Strategy

Many of the great network marketers I personally know decided while still employed to explore the opportunities available to them in network marketing. They reached out to others in the business to get first hand accounts, researched companies that looked interesting, and did their homework before making a decision about where to lay down their money, and their personal investment in time and energy. They were thinking ahead, often years ahead, and were still gainfully employed in the outside world. Many of them would tell those of you struggling along in a home business in discomfort of any kind, but especially financial discomfort, to go get a job.

In fact, many successful network marketers I know worked ten to fifteen years in another profession while slowly and successfully building their downlines. They used every spare minute to market their network marketing company to prospects, but they had the security of a weekly paycheck, and benefits to shore up the family as they steadily built residual income. As anyone will testify, it's a whole lot easier to build anything when stressors are at a minimum. Having employment is a great lifeline when building a business.

So, if you are going to leave your current employment or if you are downsized out of your current employment, make a plan. You may need to secure help to think through all the steps necessary to assure success, so get help if you need it. There are many competent business consultants in the marketplace, lots of information in the public library, and professionals in your community to whom you can talk.

Know Where the Money Is Coming From

It goes without saying that start up costs in any new venture exist. Be aware of them. You must clearly access the amount of money you will need to launch. You will most likely need even more than you planned on, so adding an extra percentage to the amount you designate will give you a comfort zone from which to operate. Most new businesses fail for lack of capital, so while you are strategizing your exit plan from other employment to self employment, find a way to bank your start up costs. You may not be one of the lucky ones that can find a grant or a venture capitalist ready to fund your enterprise. Many people borrow money to launch, but remember a loan must be repaid, so if you can budget your start up costs while still working full time, you will be able to attend to running your business without worrying a great deal about money. If you have to take a loan out, with the foresight to have saved some of the initial costs, you will be in a far better position. Less debt out of the starting gate is a good thing.

Have A Business Plan

Making dramatic life changes with a plan is so much easier than without one. Once you have your capital saved based on your research about the business you are launching, you can exit with confidence. You can also work to maintain the relationship you are leaving. References and potential clients often come from previous endeavors.

When I got involved in Home Biz Critic, I worked up my client list a year before I left my job. I spent countless hours at night in hotel rooms working up that list and contacting potential clients about the products I was developing. Weekends became sacred time for product development, so when I launched the business, I had support. I had worked out the details of the business, and built a client list in my spare time. You can do that too! It doesn't have to be at your employer's expense or yours. There is always time to do these things although you may end up reprioritizing how your time is spent.

These are just a few of the considerations you will have to manage as you draw up the blue print for your business. Enlist the support of your family and friends to devise new ways to manage children, extra curricular activities, and the procurement of necessary services to your business. You may be able to establish a cooperative among business acquaintances and friends for the exchange of goods and services, refer to one another, and save money and time while looking for paying clients. It can be done.

Remember to really research and study any opportunity you are seriously considering. It may be an MLM networking opportunity, it may be an affiliate program, a franchise or it may be your own unique business. Don't be in a hurry. I made so many mistakes early on because I didn't do my homework. Don't let that be your story.

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Network Marketing: Building A Downline

Network Marketing and Finding Your Heavy Hitters

Many of you will have terrific marketing strategies for building your downline. You will have your advertising campaign outlined and in force, you will have worked your warm market of family and friends, and you may have cold called in industries where you had a connection. When I first started growing my downline, I tended to stick to very specific markets, all of which tied into my previous history in the insurance market in some way. There was always the easy banter about common experiences that made warming up the cold prospect a little easier.

But today, I want to take time to talk about a strategy of note. Some of the biggest downlines I know by today's industry leaders were grown by positioning themselves with other network marketers. These network marketers had a need for their product because it satisfied some component that their business needed, so the idea of pitching becoming a distributor to them wasn't the first or only benefit of the offering. The phone call took on a tone of concern because understanding their business needs was more important than selling them something. What you had to offer them could seduce them later when using your product had become an invaluable component of their business plan.

So, as you hit the Internet everyday looking for the heavy hitters, whose potential downlines could become your customers and your downlines, look to those entrepreneurs who have a unique web presence. You are not looking for a clone website, although occasionally a few of those leads will pan out. You are looking for someone who has stepped outside of the box, has a high search engine ranking, and complete contact information on the web. Call them up and introduce yourself. Don't try to sell anything. Just ask them how there business is going and what they are doing for whatever service you are providing. Find a way to get them involved enough in the conversation to request a sample or further information on your product. Stay in touch. Follow up is essential. As I said last month, don't bother to call if you aren't going to follow up.

I am usually 6 -8 calls out when the prospect purchases my offering and then 2-6 months before they inquire about the business opportunity. These timelines may vary for you based on what you are selling, but the possibility for customers to convert to distributors is very real, and especially so with heavy hitters in network marketing who recognize how the product will benefit their downlines.

This month I have compiled a list of companies for you to search for heavy hitters. Perhaps, you have heard of all of them, but take a shot at looking around to see who you can find. Some of these companies are out of business, so their will be heavy hitters out there looking for new opportunity. Don't be afraid to offer it. They may have whole downlines looking for what you have to offer.

Here's your list. Go for it. Next month's newsletter will provide a script for prospecting these companies, but in the meantime, give it a shot. You may be surprised by how easy it is.

MLM Companies

4Life Research LLC, 21st Century Nutriceuticals, Achievers Unlimited, ACN-American Communications Network, Advantage Nutraceuticals, Advocare, AHP-Always Helping People Inc., AIM-American Image Marketing, Alive International, Alliance U.S.A., Alpine Industries, Ameri-Health, Ameriplan USA, Ameristar Worldwide Entertainment, Inc., Amway 2000, Arbonne Int'l, The Art of Better Living, Inc., As One Corp., ASPIRE 2000, Assured Nutrition Plus, Avon, Awareness Corp., Best Health Inc., Beverly Hills Int'l, Big Planet, Binary Generic Organization, Biogime Int'l Inc., Biometics Int'l, Inc.Bio Water, Body Alive Int'l Inc., Body Systems Technology, Inc., Body Wise Int'l Inc., Boston-Finney, Brain Garden, Cambridge Direct Sales, Canyon Int'l Pty Ltd., CAT Caribbean, CD Express, Cell Tech, CFO-Creative Financial Options, Champion Fishing Company Ltd., Changes Int'l, Citizens First, The City Programme, Club Goldmine, Colesce Couture, Communications Concepts LLC, Consumer Direct Inc., Debt Free, DHS Club, Discovery Toys Inc., DNA-Designer Nutrition America, EarthComp Corporation, Easy Way Int'l, Ltd., Ecoflow, Education Unlimited, E.Excel Int'l Inc., Elysee Scientific Cosmetics, Enrich, Entech Corp., Envion Int'l, Enviro-Tech Int'l, E'ola Products, ESP-Ensured Success and Prosperity, Espial, Essentially Yours, The Ethos Plan, Excel Communications Inc., Euphony Communications, EXODUS International, Express On Line, Fans in the Stands, Inc., Financial Freedom Network, FINL-Financial Independence Network Ltd., Flashnet Marketing, FLP-Forever Living Products, F.O.R.E. Marketing Canada, Inc., For Mor, For You Inc., Fox Telecom Inc., FreeLife Int'l, Freeway 100, Fuel Network of America, The Fuller Brush Company, FutureNet-Online Inc., FutureVision, Gentle Earth Int'l, Global Entrepreneur's Network, Global Marketing Team 2000, Global Retirement Alliance, GlobalNet Marketing, Global One, Global Wealth 2000, Golden Pride/Rawleigh Inc., The Grocery Club, Guerrilla MLM, HCC, Health Dynamics Research Co., Healthy Image, Herbalife, Herbatrol, Heritage Health Products, Higher Ideals, HOPEL 2, Horizons Marketing Group Inc., HTE USA, HTN-Health Thru Nutrition, I.D.E.A Concepts, Ideal Health International, Ideal Solutions, IDN-Interior Design Nutritionals, I-Link Worldwide LLC, InnerLight International, Immunotec Research Ltd., The Infinity Group, Infinity2, Integris, International Teamworks, Inc., Internet-Age, The Integrity Group, iReach Worldwide, Inc., IT, Jasmine White Cosmetics, Kaire Int'l, KareMor Int'l, Kleeneze Ltd., The Leaders Club, Life Dynamics, Life Force International, Life Plus, Lifestyles, LifeTek Corporation, Life Trends Int'l, LifeScience Technologies, Lighthouse America, Lite & Rite Inc., Longevity Network Ltd., Long Life Inc., MagNet Telecom Inc., Mannatech Inc., Market America, Marketers World, Inc., MarketShare Int'l, Maximum Benefits Company, Maxxis 2000, Meganet, Melaleuca Inc., Metales Solidos,, Momentum International, Inc., Morinda Inc., Multi-Pure Corp., Nabilini International, Nationwide Auto Club, N/A/T/O International, Natural Bodylines, Natural World, Natures Bodycare, Natus Corp.,, NeTel, Neways International Inc., New Image Int'l Inc., New Millenium Technology Group, New Millenium Group, New Success Network, New Vision, Nikken, NSA-National Safety Associates Inc., Nu Creations, Inc., Nu DIRxTIONS, NuSkin Int'l Inc., Nutrition For Life, Oasis Wellness Network, OmegaTrends, Omni Int'l, OneSource Communications Inc., Online Exchange, Oriflame International, Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc., Partners for Life, PCs4ALL, Pharmanex, PowrZone, Promotion G.L., Prospectors Banque Club, Prefcard Trading Limited, Premier Plus, Inc., Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc., PriceNet USA, Primerica Financial Services, ProStep, Inc., Provident Tax Group, Purchase Plus Buyers Group, Inc., Quixtar, Quorum International, Real Life Solutions, Rejuveno Wordlwide Inc., Reliv, Renaissance - The Tax People, Inc., Rexall Showcase Int'l, RMI Solid Gold, Royal Body Care, Scriptures, Secured Independence, Shaperite, Shaklee, SkyBiz 2000, Sportron Int'l Inc., Standard Generic Organization, StarTouch International, Inc., Starways Telecommunications Inc., Strategic Telecom Systems Inc., Streamline Int'l Inc., Success Engineering Systems, Sun Harmony, Sun Net Telecom, Sunrider International, SupraLife International, Supreme Concept, Talisman Marketing, Telco Global Communications Ltd., Telenet Telecom N.A., Inc., TCN- Tele-Card Network, The Int'l Homebiz Professional Group, TMI Unlimited, Top Secrets, Total Life Concepts Int'l Inc., TradeNet Marketing Inc., Training Network Worldwide, Travel Max Int'l, Travel One Int'l, TriStar Online, TronMALLS International, TurningPoint Technologies, Universal Sports Direct, Inc., Unicity; Universal Tri-Tel, U.S. Monolith Inc., USANA Inc., Vaxa Int'l Inc., Vision Of Hope, VisionQuest, Voyager Group Inc., Watkins Incorporated, WorldConnect, World Infinity Network, WorldNet International, Yorkbest Total Marketing, Inc., You Australia Pty. Ltd., Young Living Essential Oils, Youngevity, Xango, ZAHS-Zenith Advanced Health Systems Int'l, Zig Ziglar Network


Review of the month


NuSkin Enterprises

I had the good fortune to be contacted by Tony Gibbs from New Zealand about NuSkin Enterprises. He found me through Direct Matches and was curious about what I had previously written about NuSkin Enterprises. Tony also wanted to enlighten me and bring me up to snuff as the company continued to be one of the most innovative, research oriented and technology based corporations in the world.

Let's go back to what was correct in the review previously posted at this site. NuSkin Enterprises was founded in 1984 and continues to be committed to "providing quality skin care that features only premium, wholesale ingredients." Tony shared with me that the company has two new products out called 180 treatment or Truface, which he says has taken ten years off his face. I am all for anything that diminishes the signs of aging and look forward to trying this for myself.

NuSkin still works in partnership with Stanford University School of Medicine and the NuSkin Professional Advisory Board. Truman Hunt is currently the President and CEO. NuSkin uses a direct marketing force of over 550,000 sales representatives in 43 countries. Tony let me know that the company does 1.2 billion in turnover and expects to hit 5 billion in the next 5 years. They paid out 500 million in annual distributor commissions according to the latest figures.

They have an excellent compensation plan which can be reviewed online at the site The compensation plan goes 7 levels deep, and representatives also enjoy overrides on top. Tony assures me it is the best compensation plan he has seen as he did 3 months of exhaustive research on business opportunities before choosing NuSkin Enterprises. He found excellence in all aspects of the business; product lines, customer service 24/7, product guarantees and refunds, and continual research, innovation, and dedication to the individual distributor.

NuSkin Enterprises is a family of companies that include NuSkin, Pharmanex, and Big Planet. NuSkin has long been respected as a quality provider of ethnobiotanicals, cosmetics, fragrances, hair care items, and oral care items. The products are explained in full detail on the website.

Pharmanex provides exceptional quality nutraceuticals. They make LifePak which is now regarded as the world number one supplement (, and G3 which is the company's gac super fruit blend juice. Both products come with a money back guarantee.

What I found absolutely amazing is that NuSkin Enterprises employs the use of a Bio Photonic scanner which is more accurate than blood testing, and that measures the amount of antioxidants in your body. You are scored both before buying product and after using the product. If your scores haven't improved you get your money back. There are other exceptional product offerings as well.

But, by far the most exciting happening at NuSkin Enterprises is Photomax. Photomax is the perfect business opportunity for someone wanting to capitalize on the digital revolution. For as little as $199.00 this business opportunity, only in launch phase, is going to allow the self-motivated, independent distributor to build customer and distributor bases with this highly emotive product that revolutionizes the way photographs, videos, and other image technologies are stored and replicated. So, for those of you that are true leaders, and for those of you in networking developing multiple streams of income, this is a no brainer. If perfectly fills a niche in the communications market that is not previously filled by any competition. Customers will receive 20 pics for free just for storing their photos online, as well as, 5G of space for free which equates to 5000 photos.

Finally, I would like to say that NuSkin Enterprises strives to make a difference in the world with Nourish the Children (NTC) which provides food packs for those that need it. This is part of the company's philosophy to make a difference in the world.

For more information on this exciting company and the exciting ground floor opportunity with Photomax just contact Tony. He was immensely helpful to me and I know he can help you too. Whether you want great products or a great business opportunity, he is open to answering all your questions.

Tony Gibbs can be reached at SKYPE futuregrowth04, telephone 00 64 9 834 0015/Mobile + 64 21 72 66 36/Fax: 0064-9-8340016.


Other businesses include:



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Online Marketing Techniques

Google AdSense
Google Adsense

Google AdSense

This article was submitted by Jeffrey Staub of Virante, Inc.

For this months newsletter I'd like to talk a little about how to monetize your website. Last time we spoke of how to advertise on Google with Adwords now let's discuss Google's Adsense program which pays you to carry ads for Google. For those of you with existing websites or for those of you contemplating creating one here is a quick and easy way to start making money with your website. Google has created a program which allows website owners to place advertisements on their site which when clicked by visitors generate revenue for you.

Signing up for the Adsense program is fairly easy. You visit the signup page then follow the directions of creating an account as directed. You will need to enter in some personal information such as your Social Security number for tax purposes. Essentially you are acting as an independent contractor and will be supplied with the proper tax information come tax time.

Google offers step-by-step installation instructions so that you can get the ads up on your website. Once the code is on all the pages you would like it Google takes care of the rest. Their technology automatically displays ads relevant to the content on the page in which they are displayed, so if your web page is about baseball then only baseball ads will be shown.

Here is Google's introduction to their product:

"Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages."

Depending on the amount of traffic you receive, as well as how well you integrate the ads into your site (you have the ability to give the ads that show on your site the same look and feel as your website), will determine how much money can be made thru the program.

We have used this program extensively and find that it can be a great additional source of income and if nothing else a good way to help pay the website upkeep such as hosting and domain name registration. There are even folks who make a considerable amount of money using the program racking in of tens of thousands of dollars a year!

If you are interested in learning more about the AdSense Program visit the HomeBizCritic affiliate page on the topic. (


Virante can be found on the web at You can review Ryan P.M. Allis, the founder, at my website

Virante, Inc. can be directly reached at 919-459-1088. This company has great integrity, knowledge, and customer service.


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The site redesign is complete! We have made some pretty major changes at both those visible and those that go on behind the scenes. When you visit the site you'll notice that the look has changed in both color and layout. The font text has been changed in order to make the site easier to read. The navigation has been changed in order to make the site easier to navigate and new monetization practices have been implemented in order to generate more revenue. What you can't see is the changes in the code structure of the site which will make it easier to change in the future thru the use of include files, cascading style sheets (as opposed to html mark-up) and header and footer templates. We've also installed an analytics package which will help us track how the site is performing and give us clues as to what's working on the site and what needs more attention. So far the changes have been a success and we'll keep you posted on what we find to be working and what is not.



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