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Matthew Lesko

My mentor and I disagree on Matthew Lesko, but my mentor is right in many of his observations. Matthew Lesko is quirky and that makes me laugh. It is, however, no criteria on which to make a business decision on whether to pursue government grants or to purchase his book on how to do so.

I recommend Matthew Lesko only if you are determined to go after government grants and clearly cannot research the information for free on your own behalf. Because, I want you to stay away from National Grant Conferences which will cost you thousands and produce no greater results than Mr. Lesko’s book. People will always pursue what appears to be free.

Matthew Lesko is worth the approximate $60.00 you will have to shell out simply because he will provide you with addresses, often old, outdated, and often not applicable to your situation, but nonetheless, you have a place to begin. You will not get a lot of instruction as to the who, what, when, where, and how of government loans.




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