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Business Opportunities

Mal Emery

Mal Emery knew very early in life what mattered in self employment. What is remarkable is that his life circumstance propelled him into taking action that realized his personal values and supported the development of his business genius. He lost his job, had a baby, had a mortgage and all the human concerns we all face. He had to do something.

Mal Emery started buying distressed properties at the right price, rehabbing them, selling them and making a profit. To buy, to improve, to sell, then repeat was a pattern he applied to multiple businesses.

Pay close attention to the next paragraph. Ask yourself as you read Mal Emery’s essentials whether this sounds like your wish list for self employment.

What Mal Emery valued was freedom. He wanted to work alone or with limited partners. He valued time and convenience. When he wanted to work, he wanted to work from home. He needed a big income from a business that had low liability and risk. And, finally, he knew that for him and for most of us, the business had to have little investment necessary to begin.

What this Aussie offers is a practical, consistent, viable, repeatable system to long term wealth. He’s not a pie in the sky kind of guy. He doesn’t promise anything that he can’t deliver. He worked very hard to achieve his success and you’ll do the same. If you persist the course he’s laid out for your, you’ll succeed with your integrity and your spirit intact.

Mal Emery’s made a lot of money and he has an impeccable reputation. He’s a class act. Sit up and pay attention.




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