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Marketing Masters

Joe Sugarman

Had I read only the work of Joel Sugarman in this journey into home based self-employment, I would have been well served. He is the man I admire most. His world class drive and business acumen puts him heads above the majority of the pack here. I would recommend that you invest in his books, videos, audios, and marketing seminars. He’s worth every dime, so whatever your learning style, choose a media and dive right in.

Older titles to hunt for include Success Forces, Television Secrets for Marketing Success, Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, and Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick. This man is so phenomenally talented that all of these books are jewels. Joe Sugarman walked the walk of a visionary Direct Marketer years before anyone else woke up. He drove his Illinois based company JS&A to fame as the largest supplier of innovative electronic products in the United States.

His ad copy was, and still is brilliant, and it drove sales that were supported by an even more innovative payment method. Joe Sugarman was the originator of telephone credit card sales. For those of you that remember, this was in the early 70s.

Personally, had Joe Sugarman accomplished only this, he’d be worth listening to. But, he’s a genuine diamond. Warm, engaging, sincere and smart, he’s a true teacher.

Another thing that sets Joe Sugarman apart is his uncanny ability to take simple products and make them new, exciting and desirable to buyers. He’s constantly taking the pulse of the American buyer and modifying his product mix to capitalize profit. Take BluBlocker Sunglasses as a case in point.

I’ve often read and reread Joe Sugarman’s books. Check out all his new titles including Triggers and Advertising Secrets of the Written Word. They are keepers.

Emulate the best. You can’t go wrong with Joe Sugarman.

I review business opportunities on the web. Part of that is keeping my eye on Internet Marketers.




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