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Not Recommended

Internet Treasure Chest

Catchy name guaranteed to conjure up fond memories of pirates, treasure maps, and booty too rich to imagine, all in a mysterious tropical setting. There is a slim-to-nothing chance of your pleasant daydream ever being anything more than just an image. It cost me $39.95 when I had the above reaction to a late night infomercial several years past.

Internet Treasure Chest promised to deliver a “treasure chest” of how to’s that would secure you a guaranteed wealth via the Internet. Funny thing was that I got nothing more than I could have gotten through a good marketing text from the public library (a source of information I do recommend).

I did get assailed with phone calls, not asking me if I had a question, but rather prospecting me for additional purchases. With monthly invoicing, Internet Treasure Chest had a good thing going.

Here’s the kicker. Internet Treasure Chest had an income guarantee on their little product that peaked the interest of the Federal Trade Commission. My guess is that they got caught either fudging incomes or couldn’t substantiate the guarantee.

Lesson is that you must be completely honest with yourself. There are no get rich quick schemes that work. I have to work everyday at an Internet business I created that makes me a good income and a great lifestyle. But, it is still a business and it will die of neglect if you do not work it.

Never misrepresent what you do or how it works for your clients. Lying will expose you to business risks that are never worth it. You can make a good income being a professional, ethical business owner, help others, and sleep well at night. Many late night infomercials taught me this.

Also, anything called the Internet Tool Chest that you may now see at a local garage sale, and which was originally hawked on late night infomercials in the late 80s and 90s, should be avoided for the same reasons that make the Internet Treasure Chest useless.




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