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Product Distributors

Health Thru Nutrition

Offering a wide variety of health and wellness products, Health Thru Nutrition was started by Arthur Franklin in 1993 to create new dynamics in multi-level marketing opportunities. I am not sure what that means because I cannot locate the compensation plan or distributor requirements for this company. That’s not to say they don’t exist. They do and they are not a scam. I just haven’t been able to track that information down yet for your review.

What I have found out is that the company’s first product line was The Metabolizer 2000 Series soon followed by Coral Calcium, weight loss aide Recomposize™, and the AirPurPHI Home Air Purifier.

The Health Thru Nutrition website promotes wellness through well constructed educational articles on a series of topics including addiction, ALS, Arthritis, Autoimmune, Athletic, Health Basics, Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Nutrition, Supplements, and Weight Management.

I like the fact that testimonials are also posted and you can opt in for a yearly newsletter for free (value $149.95). All articles and postings are archived.

Again, I just could not locate any compensation information for distributors. Without fully understanding how you’ll get paid and what support you will receive, I won’t recommend the MLM Health Thru Nutrition business opportunity.

However, the products seem fine. I’m no expert on nutritionals (they have a huge line), but I have not read any negative press on the web about the products.




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