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Going Platinum

Going Platinum, Inc. is going nowhere. While the name is catchy and smacks of money this wannabe company was to be all things; full service Internet Service Provider, Internet gateway, Internet Shopping Mall, Search Engine, virtual office, and revenue generator. All for the low initial membership fee of $25.00.

And, if you could talk others into forking over this initial fee you’d collect a supposed 40% of the profit on the first 39 takers. In reality, you get nothing and the fine print in your membership contract explains how Going Platinum, Inc. keeps your money.

My take is that you’ve got no mall (it never opened), you’ve got no money coming in from your referrals, and you’ve got no promised commissions coming in from surfing or shopping online. So, let’s see, you’ve got nothing!

Do not get involved with Going Platinum, Inc. All self respecting organizations once affiliated with them have pulled the plug. Call me for additional details.




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