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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Multi-Level Marketing/Networking

When you think of the word network, you envision a series of connections and that is exactly what the word means. Here, the connections are the people you know; family, friends, acquaintances, and referrals from such. You use your network to create immediate and long term success. Caution is that you want to keep these connections, so be prepared. Running a successful online or offline business is not like having people you know purchase candy from your child for a school fundraiser.

Business is about sales, accounts, account maintenance, and strategic alliances. It is not personal, and while occasionally you may become friends with a client or vendor, it is not necessary to business. I am not playing golf with my many customers. Being Internet based, clients call me to help them grow their business. We communicate via email and telephone. I will probably never meet any of them unless they attend one of my seminars.

Multi-level marketing is another form of networking. You create a dynamic down line of people (a network) through prospecting and getting folks to sign up under you. It’s the same process through which you were recruited by your sponsor. You earn a percentage of your down line’s commissions, as your sponsor earns commissions off you and your network.

So this is networking again, but with a twist. This is a structured format of meetings, conference calls, video presentations, etc. combined with organized recruiters pressuring you for your commitment.

Commitment on your part entails spending money; start up kits, website costs, 800 number costs, advertising costs, and so on. And, you’ll most likely still owe your up
line sponsor something once you’ve committed this cash outlay.

I have allowed myself to cave several times when a particularly clever recruiter caught my fancy, most recently with Liberty League International, but my gut proved right! Multi-level marketing is not for me. I want autonomy and my own products. I want my product branding and name recognition, real financial wealth that I get to keep and not cloned websites, generic marketing advice, and expensive products taken from other sources and repackaged as something new.

If you want an Internet business, call me. The introduction to my business is below. Invest in yourself, your dreams and you will succeed. You can do it.




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