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Ecommerce Exchange

If you are going to go online with a website dedicated to an Internet business, you are going to need a merchant account to sell your products and services. Ecommerce Exchange is a merchant account software program. It will allow you to run credit card orders and process electronic checks. Well, this all sounds well and good, but the $300.00 cost is just the beginning. What Ecommerce Exchange does for you is allow you to use your computer as a credit card terminal instead of using a terminal like those made by Zon or Nurit.

When you go online you will need a merchant account and you will have to pay the non swipe rate, because your customers arenít there in person. This rate is going to be at least 3% and may be higher. This is the first requirement to using your Ecommerce Exchange software. And, you will need credit to get your merchant account. The merchant account will come with a set up fee. Once you have this set up you will have to also consider the 3% or better charge for returns and will also have to deal with chargebacks which Visa and MasterCard always accept.

Secondly, if you accept credit cards at your terminal with software such as Ecommerce Exchange, you will have to get a SSL certificate, have it installed with your host, secure your order page, and renew the certificate every year. And, a real headache is moving your hosting. If you decide to do this you have to procure the key to your SSL certificate to move it too and this may cost you a cool $500.00 or more if your host will allow the transfer.

So, I would go as far as to say that if you know the above facts and are still set on processing your own credit card and printing online checks, then go for it. Personally the hassle is just not worth it for me. I use 2Checkout.com and Pay Pal and find they do a better job at a fair price. 2Checkout.com also has some of the best fraud protection online. Pay Pal is widely recognized and accepted as a method of easy payment. Both companies provide great tools for you at the site, no SSL certificate required and low or no set up costs.




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