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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Direct Matches

DirectMatches is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to finding friendship and dates online. It is the first business and social networking service with a contact management system that operates on a \"dynamic basis\", where members are able to select from dedicated networking communities.
DirectMatches Corporation is a privately held company, incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware, USA. Founded by an experienced entrepreneur, the Company launched its services in 2004 and is committed to using revolutionary technology to connect and network people.
The Company maintains offices in Reston, Virginia, the heart of the United States East Coast technology hub. Reston has the second highest concentration of technology companies in the world, right behind Silicon Valley. Half of the world\'s Internet traffic passes through Reston.
Determined to differentiate itself from other direct sales opportunities, DirectMatches designed the revolutionary Multi-Referral Marketing system (MRM). Informed by the recognized direct selling or network marketing theory, the company has succeeded in creating an improved person-to-person marketing approach. The system enables people with varying levels of experience to build a successful business through the Prime-4-Compensation plan, training and software.
DirectMatches is one of the first companies in online business and social networking to launch its service utilizing network marketing for delivery to the market place. The Company\'s low-cost service is affordable to all and encompasses an extremely wide market for those seeking to network with others of like-minds, goals, and interests.
This is your opportunity to earn extra income while meeting new people. It can be both enjoyable and profitable. If you share our vision, please join our exciting team and contribute to developing the largest online business and social networking company in the world. Sign up today at no cost to receive a profile, MRM system, sales activity reports and preview your own Back Office.

DirectMatches is committed to using revolutionary technology to connect and network people, while redefining the perception of the multi-level or network marketing industry. The unique MRM system used by trained Independent Representatives will provide desired services to consumers with a high standard of quality. The marketing system enables entrepreneurs of varied experience levels a realistic opportunity to build an income-generating business.

DirectMatches allows Free Members and Basic Customers to register or sign up from all countries around the world. However, because of the specific regulations in different countries with regard to business registration, income tax, marketing laws, and other laws related to the network marketing industry, DirectMatches only offers its business opportunity to Representatives inside the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand at this time.
Our goal at DirectMatches is to build an effective marketing network with which to bring our service to the market place. We are confident we can build a tremendous company, and at the same time, embrace the rules and laws that govern the industry.
DirectMatches\' prime market focus is small business professionals, entrepreneurs and network marketers. The Company\'s secondary focus addresses the social networking needs of its members in the friendship and dating vertical markets.

Derives Income from Four Separate Sources
The Prime–4-Reward compensation plan is an industry first: four sources of sales volume flowing through one powerful, yet easy to understand, plan. Income is derived from paid business customers, paid non-business customers and upgraded Managing or Executive business builders.
The Prime-4-Reward pay plan, coupled with the MRM system, makes it possible for anyone to earn a substantial weekly income, part-time or full-time.
Business cannot be conducted without some form of human interaction. As you build relationships through DirectMatches, you will simultaneously build your income.
DirectMatches is easy, fun, lucrative and simply the perfect home business.
Residual Income Earning Options
Business Option One:
Executive Independent Representatives ($29.95 per month) earn 4 ways.
Earnings potential of up to $12,000.00 every week.
Customer: up to $2000.00 per week.
* Two promotional methods on customers both Non-Business and Business Customers
Managing: up to $4000.00 per week.
Executive: up to $6000.00 per week.
Business Option Two:
Managing Independent Representatives ($19.95 per month) earn 3 ways.
Earnings potential of up to $6,000.00 every week.
Customer: up to $2000.00 per week.
* Two promotional methods on customers both Non-Business and Business Customers
Managing: up to $4000.00 per week.

Customer Power Earn: Independent Representatives receive both a personalized Business and Non-Business Website to promote. By promoting the Non-Business Website you can build a solid dedicated customer base of residual income up to $2000.00 per week.
The Power of Four Earning Potentials:
There are 2 legs that must be built with the Prime-4-Reward compensation Plan. When 4 sales of the same occur in one leg and 4 sales of the same occur in the other leg, a payment is made to the qualified representative. This can occur as often as the sales are made, and the pay is derived from infinite levels. If one leg grows ahead of the other, the volume is held in the stronger leg until four sales of the same are completed with the weaker leg and a payment is made.
Each sale can be tracked in real time in your DirectMatches Back Office, where you can manage your sales team and qualified representatives. Additionally, within your Back Office, you can determine the strength of your Sales Team and can personally control placement of new sales coming into your business, or you can leave the system on auto.
Note: you may receive “spillover” from your sponsor and/or other sales representatives in your up line. Do not count on this to build your income.

Plan Overview:
• All members are eligible to upgrade to a higher plan at any time.
• All members, including Free Members, are placed in the genealogy.
• Only Managing and Executive Representatives are eligible for commissions when achieved.
• Commissions are paid based on eight-sale cycles with four sales on each leg counting for one cycle.
• Four Customer sales on left and right count as one Customer cycle. Four Manager sales on left plus right count as one Manager cycle. Four Executive sales on left plus right count as one Executive cycle.
• Genealogy is built by balancing left and right member counts.
• Commissions are paid weekly. Non-flushing.
• Infinite group volume search; not limited to levels.
• Commissions are capped at $6,000.00 for Managers per week.
• Commissions are capped at $12,000.00 for Executive Members per week.
• Checks will not be released until a minimum of $20 commission has been earned for that week.
• Checks are paid on a two-week delay.
• Your personal Business Opportunity Website and your personal Non-Business Opportunity Website are sent to you in a welcome e-mail message.
• Determine which status suits you the best. You can become a Free Member, a Customer or you can take advantage of our business opportunity by become a Managing or Executive Representative.
• Visit the Website of the person who referred you to the site and click on the \"Join Now\" button.
• Complete the registration form.
• Select one or more communities you would like to use, as well as the people with whom you would like to be matched.
• Note for Representatives, the username you choose will become a part of your personal DirectMatches Internet address. For example, if you choose \"Jon Smith\" as your username, your DirectMatches address will be http://www.directmatches.com/jonsmith. In your Welcome e-mail message, you will receive two Websites that give you the flexibility to market directly to Customers or focus on new Representatives.
• Complete the remaining profile information to facilitate our ability to match you with our members. It is important to consider the fact that statistics show profiles with photos receive up to seven times more hits than profiles with no photo.
• After registration you will receive a Welcome Letter with your registration details. Please do not lose this. Keep a duplicate in a safe place.
• Once you complete your registration, log on to your site. You can explore the pages of interest to you, which may include your matches, My Mails inter-community email system, our chat facility, forums, Web messenger and your Back Office. Your MRM training can be found on your profile page on the MRM link. Site Orientation & Training can be found under the News Center link in the top navigation bar.

Examples and illustrations of earnings are intended to indicate how the compensation plan functions and how the calculations for payments are made within the compensation plan. In no way is a specific level of income guaranteed. The examples and illustrations are in no way representative of historic growth or achievement by specific representative groups. They are not intended to suggest that achievement of this type of income will be easy or even possible for a Representative or their organization.
Where the company\'s total commission payout would exceed 70% of net sales for the same period, all commissions will be reduced pro rata to bring the total commissions paid to 70%. This practice is standard for all binary unlimited-depth compensation plans. It works as a safety cap to assure the company\'s long-term financial stability and to protect all representatives involved in the business.

For more information on this great advertising and business opportunity, please Contact Gracie Bowers at gbowers@cbpu.com /517-781-4531 or Linda Yarborough at lyarborough@cbpu.com/517-781-4410. We will set you up with a free trial membership so you can decide for yourself how your business might benefit from exposure in this online business community.
Sign up at www.directmatches.com/gracie.




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