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Online Marketers

Declan Dunn

Another affiliate genius, one whose name and reputation are both stellar and renowned is Declan Dunn. Buy anything he writes and read it if affiliate programs appeal to you. And, even if you prefer your own independent business, his teachings are full of marketing insights.

Declan Dunn is a leading seminar presenter with a cost of approximately $2000.00 per attendee. He is the author of Winning the Affiliate Game and The Complete Insider’s Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs. I haven’t seen either title in hardcover or paperback, but you can purchase them as ebooks.

What makes Declan Dunn unique is his dual presentation on affiliate marketing. He understands what the beginner must consider when researching an affiliate program for self employment, and what the corporate entity offering the affiliate program must provide so that the bottom line is successful at both levels.

His ability to see both sides of the coin has led to Declan Dunn’s input and purported creation of many Internet affiliate programs. I don’t doubt the truth to this speculation. And, it stands to reason that Declan Dunn’s dual vision would create a successful marriage of corporate and end user objectives.

You may also want to pick up Declan Dunn’s The Ten Step Master Plan for Maximizing Your Profits and How to Win the Internet Game. Declan Dunn is an example to aspire to for true and meaningful success.




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