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Dean Graziosi

Others have been harsh in their reviews of Dean Graziosiís books, Motor Millions and Think a Little Different, but if you recognize them for what they are they have a place on your bookshelf in the motivational section. Each of these books explores the topic of prosperity in your life by changing the way you think. It is an important topic and key to a life foundation for your journey.

I wouldnít consider either of these books as serious tools for learning how to make money, but itís difficult to implement sound business principles unless you believe you are going to be successful. I do think that it is very difficult to find motivational material that is new in content. This material has been around a long time, so interesting new takes on it with new techniques for applying the techniques is often difficult to find. But, there is always a market for these types of titles and Mr. Graziosi was wise to recognize that fact.

I think the thing that most markers are looking for are those tools that take a holistic approach to business development. They understand the inspirational/motivational component, but they also know that without successful business strategies and how to implement them that the process can be difficult.

I would not discard Dean Graziosi. I think he has very valuable insights. All motivational writers are basically saying the same thing about self actualization, accountability, and creating your reality. So, if you approach this book from that standpoint you wonít be disappointed. Neither Motor Millions nor Think a Little Different is going to teach you how to make money.

No amount of motivational material however will work for you if you cannot find the inspiration within yourself to realize your dreams by actualizing your own potential. No one can talk you into that mindset and no one can erase your doubt except you. So take motivational material for what it is. If you use it to inspire your life and make the changes you need to make to move forward, your dollars will be well spent.




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