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Online Marketers

Cody Moya

Cody Moya is someone that we are currently researching. We have subscribed to his newsletter, Business and Marketing Tips eZine (BMT ezine) and have profited by the information contained within the newsletter. When you search for Cody at www.codymoya.com you get advertisements. There are a number of product offerings at the site and advertising page links to each product offering. It appears that Cody Moya is a reseller, and that he has rebranded a number of products under his name. There is nothing wrong with this approach. It is not ours.

Cody seems to be asking us to believe that he is an expert Internet marketer, but the content that presumes such is in his newsletter and not at his website. His website is not an actual website in the context of what most of us perceive as a website. If we have missed the actual website, please let us know where you found it so that we can review it properly.

He states in his most recent newsletter to us that he is in the process of writing his first book and that part of it will be dedicated to beginners in Internet business, part of it will be dedicated to advanced techniques and tactics, part of it will outline his success and failures, and part of it will discuss the different types of tools and software he uses in his business. Cody's Moya's company is Xodo, Inc.

He is very big on joint ventures and is selling a joint venture software that he claims tracts just about everything including keyword searches for number of potential joint venture prospects, previous contacts with specific joint venture partners and many other features. You can download a free copy if you are so inclined at http://codymoya.com/r/jvtool.php and see if it is what he says it is. We will be discussing this with our mentor before we make such a move. Cody says that you should use on the joint venture part of the software for searches and contact management.

We are hoping to learn where Cody lives, when he got started on the Internet and who endorse his products. For now, we are neutral on what he is selling and doing. There is certainly nothing harmful in his approach and again, his newsletters are full of great tips.




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