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Can Selling Large Items Online Be Profitable?

Are you thinking about starting an online business from home? Selling smaller items is cheaper and faster. However, large items sell fast online too. It just needs a little planning on the part of the seller to make the best profit possible. There are a couple of concerns when it comes to selling large items. This includes packaging and shipping. These days, there is a growing number of movers that specialize in large item deliveries. Hiring a professional mover that specializes in pool tables, pianos and couches can save you time and money. Doing-it-yourself may not be the best approach if you’re planning to take this route. Instead of saving you money, you can hurt yourself and damage the item. There are also several items like a piano that is just better handled, shipped and protected when done by the experts.

There are a couple of things you should remember when selling a large item online. First of all, you need to do some research and browse other listings that sold large items. Highlight the good points of the item and be honest about its flaws. Include dimensions and the weight of an item. You may also have to calculate shipping costs before you put a price on your listing. Make sure to include shipping costs when you list a large item. Don’t forget to take great pictures of the item. Don’t just photograph your couch with dirty underwear, chips, and whatnot on it. Buyers associate an item with the presentation. It is at this point that you become a real salesman and make efforts to make the item presentable. Don’t forget the importance of a good, clean background and proper lighting.

Shipping large items is one of the main concerns of large item sellers. However, all it takes is some planning. There are several ways you can ship your item. If you choose a conventional courier service, you may be alarmed at the pricey costs. Sometimes, the cost of shipping may be more than the cost of the item itself. You may also choose a moving company. However, some movers will price high since there may be nothing else that fits in the truck if they move your item. Still, there are movers that specialize in piano moving, pool table moving and hot tub moving, among others. Make sure to check beforehand what the moving price includes. Some movers will charge extra depending on the location and the number of movers needed to move your item. You can also opt to dropship large items or find a site where truck drivers bid. Finally, you can opt for large item courier services. They often have cost-effective prices and are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to moving large items.

Packing large items is also a main concern in large item online selling. The top in ground basketball goals and/or portable basketball goals are great since it dismantles easily and can be delivered even without a box. Just make sure that the pole is secure and tied down. Top in-ground basketball goals sell fast online too if you can get it off the ground. You may dig around the base of the hoop, being careful not to break the pole. Or else you can rent a track loader to dig deeper and remove the pole. You may have to disassemble the parts including the pole, backboard, rim, and base. This may save you money on shipping costs. It may also help when you’re trying to get it out the front door. The same goes for pool tables and couches. You can record a video during dismantling so that you have a reference when you have trouble assembling it again.


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6 Businesses Ideas to Work from Home

Whether it’s in an office, company or home, passion and interest are essential in business. When working at home, don’t be fooled by work being ‘just home’. Like any other job, it needs discipline, self-sufficiency, an effective schedule, and professionalism. An underlying advantage of home-based work for some (or for some others a difficulty) is that you are basically in control.  This excites a lot of self-employed people, especially those who are anticipating the direction of their careers. The downside could be that conventional ethics may not apply to the way that you deal with your business.

Consignment Shop and Sales

Online shops can be a great way to earning money. In doing so, the business owner would have to do with strategic business tactics to get the most profit—because it is online, shoppers usually look for the best bargains and if you sell the price for too low, you might be at the losing end. Putting the market price too higher (higher than that of a retail store) would be misleading for your client.

House or Repair Cleaning

You will be surprised at the demand for house and repair cleaning. And we’re talking deep cleaning services, emergency roof and locksmith services. The demand is especially strong for those living in the suburbs and in a community where the next town is far away and response will be slow. These companies usually ask their clients for quotations online and are specific with the date and schedule of the request, is one example of this.  Specifics would be more or less in person or via web chat.

Freelance Professional Skills

This includes freelance writing, consultation, virtual assistant, and researcher. A disclaimer to this job is making sure that a certain number of jobs are flowing. Unless it is long-term or a remarkable task to do for each job that it pays generously, the charge for each job will be minimal so having several jobs is expected. Most workers in this professions resort to self-branding or a digital resume/blog/website to get their services around. Because freelancing is up for grabs for a lot of employers, it is important that your last job is commendable; this is especially true for freelance consultation. Launch your resume in job finding sites to get yourself started. Other professional skills could extend to graphic design or art-related commissions.

Specialized Classes

Imagine going back to your school days with your Math tutorials or piano lessons—this is pertaining to something similar. Because of the clever ingenuity of the internet, hobby classes can be done through video call or if you are following traditional tutoring, lessons can arrange in another person’s home. Most classes, however, are done online. Advertised classes are majority subjects (in Math and Science), Language classes and art classes. Design programs can teach students the necessary formulas and imaging by means of displaying it on-screen at web conferences. In addition to learning center’s offering in their actual venue, they can launch home learning with permission from the parents—especially for those who are sick and disabled.


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