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Vending isn’t my area of expertise, but since many of you will consider it as a home based business opportunity, I am including it for your review. I have been fortunate enough to hear the war stories of friends that went down this route!

Both of my acquaintances answered offline newspaper advertisements recruiting vendors for route sales. The outlay of cash was to be minimal and the time to maintain the route even less.

Nothing could have been further from the truth, but being new to such endeavors, neither friend listened to the gut warnings that all was not as it seemed to be.

Both friends ended up with little or no profit for their time and capital investment, but did have garages loaded with vending equipment that they now needed to resell.

Avoid vending opportunities like the plague. Void of opportunity, they quickly become an apparent sink hole for any extra money you might have on hand.

Should you be extremely blessed with connections that allow you tons of vending exposure: mall placement, tourist attraction placement, interstate highway rest stop placement, etc., do not get involved with vending.

Only occasionally does anyone succeed here, making enough money and having enough lifestyle freedom to win this bet. No soda pop in the world is worth the cost of the machine that dispenses it!




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