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Business Opportunities

Note Brokering

Note brokering is not for the faint of heart and frankly I haven’t the stomach to even consider it because of all the ways to make money it has to be one of the most risky and difficult.  There are just so many legitimate business opportunities that will pay you more for a lot less work that I can’t recommend note brokering.

Note brokering is the buying of debt (notes) from people holding them and then selling them to investors.  You have to work very, very hard to find the note holders, buy at a rock bottom price and then sell for a profit to your investor.  I can only say that people calling or emailing me have had very little success to report.  Finding the note holders is not easy and only the ones in trouble will be receptive to your offer.  Finding the investors is also a lot of work.

There are easier ways to make money.




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