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Business Opportunities

Government Grants

Take it really easy here because it is a long road and one that is highly competitive. I went with a friend to a “free” seminar on obtaining government loans hosted by a national company dedicated to assisting you get those grants. About three hundred people packed the auditorium eager to hear stories, my friend believing “free” money existed.

I‘ll admit I was a skeptic. I still am. I listened to the presenter promise the audience that the company he was representing provided both technical and customer support navigating the application/paperwork process involved in government grants. So, they did the paperwork. Granted, a task many people detest. You could purchase a full spectrum of services. The deluxe package included tracking down the right grants for you and applying for them on your behalf.

My friend coughed up $3000.00 for the supreme. To this day, she has not used the service she purchased. So, what she would have really gotten for this outrageous sum had she used her purchase, I do not know.

The point is this. No impulse buying! Any reputable merchant will respect your questions and consideration of his wares.

If my friend had known about Mathew Lesko, she would still most likely be in the same place, but her pocketbook would still be considerably heavier. You all know Mathew Lesko, because his clothing is advertising in itself. He is truly the research kind of government grants. Funky, affordable, genuine, he’s got his act together. Buy his book for many reasons. It’s a great tool, teaching aid, and example of a great product. For $39.95, it’s money well spent.

You’ll catch Mathew Lesko on TV talking about his latest and greatest version of government grants ins and outs. Get your wallet out. It’s worth it.

I haven’t been interested in obtaining government grants because it’s just not me. But, if it’s you go for it. It is possible, but it will require work and patience. If you’re turned away consider the business opportunity below. You could have your business up and running in the time it took to apply and be considered for a government grant.




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