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Mentoring and Seminar

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a self-made man who discovered the spiritual truth of directed self worth. When you know who you are, when you believe in yourself, when you approach your dreams without self doubt and when you apply these concepts to sound business principles the result is abundance; financial, personal and professional.

I purchased Bob Proctor’s tape series after being struck by my Mr. Proctors many sincere believers who cheerfully told me how wonderful his system was on a recent Sunday morning infomercial. It was great motivational material, but devoid of any business specifics. I am left to conclude that all the successful people supporting Bob Proctor either had a business or started businesses that provided them with financial wealth because these folks changed their minds about themselves, their lives, and their goals after using Bob Proctor’s system.

You’ll be introduced to techniques that have been around a long time and are not new, but are cleverly packaged. Meditation, creative visualization, journaling, and many other positive techniques, that no doubt will if practiced, change how you think about and approach your life.

As an aside, I recently purchased the Liberty League International materials to review and I hear through the grapevine that they are the rewrite of the materials of Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor could bridge all this motivational knowledge to business practices and this would definitely be something worth your time. But, Bob Proctor isn’t going to teach you how to run a business. And that is an essential component to achieving your goal.

I recommend Bob Proctor because his material is important. He worked at Nightengale-Constant and for such giants as IBM, Prudential, and Remax. They used him because he benefited their people, and that benefited their goals.

Because his tapes are inexpensive at $19.95, and because you’re worth all the effort at self employment that you are making, any positive mind-set could prove invaluable.




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