Posting a Review to Home Biz Critic

May 11th, 2006

I am always interested in receiving information on home based business opportunities. For those of you that are currently involved in a home based business opportunity that is not featured at the site, I encourage you to consider submitting your article to me via email. Upon review, your article will be posted to the site with your contact information. Afterall, I am counting on your expertise to inform the many readers that visit the site about why your home based business opportunity would be of value when considering the many opportunities available.

If you have a legitimate business opportunity to offer, simply describe the history of your company, its mission statement, product line, customer service, guarantees, and compensation plan. Describe in detail your experience with the product, how you market to your customers, and how a prospect may contact you.

It is my hope that this site will provide a forum where I act not as the middle man in communications among readers, but that readers may freely dialogue with one another. If you need a great example to follow when writing your review, look to the article by Eric Leclair on Immunotec. Reviews may be edited for publishing purposes.

You article may also be reprinted in the Home Biz Critic newsletter. It is my hope this advertising of viable business opportunities will allow those of you seeking to work from home the opportunity to do so.