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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Home Biz Critic and Empower Your Income grew from the desire of Gracie Bowers and Associates to create new home based business opportunities for people seeking alternative ways of generating financial wealth and more meaningful lifestyles.

Both Gracie and her team have a combined sales and marketing history of over 29 years experience focused on business product development, customer service, account management and business solutions. Gracie's focus has been education, external sales, and strategic alliances while other team members expertise focus on account management, business policies and processes, and customer service excellence. Gracie Bowers and Associates have worked with both service and product oriented companies to create workable solutions that enhance the bottom line while empowering the client.

It is the mission of Home Biz Critic and of Empower Your Income to assist individuals to achieve their dreams with the right tools, the right approach, and the right processes that insure success. As partners, we can speak to the burning desire to create your own destiny, and we promise to support your objectives with knowledge and product guarantees that protect your investment.

Call us today or visit our websites to learn more.

Gracie Bowers and Associates



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