Day: October 18, 2017

7 Things to Know When You Work from Home

Some people think that working from home makes everything convenient. However, as a freelance writer for many years, I can say that a home-based job is not as easy as many people think, especially for those who work from home for an employer. Of course, there are some perks such as wearing whatever you want when you work and being able to take a break anytime you want. But if you are as dedicated like me, you might end up working until late at night.  A great example of a company starting out this way is Capture The Magic. They started out of their home and started one of the more fantastic Disney podcasts out there and now sell all sorts of things like Dole Whip t shirts and other items. If they can do it, then so can you but if you are planning to have a home-based job, here are the 7 things that you must know about your work.

It can be lonely

Working at home can be lonely most of the time. Unlike working in an office where you can interact with your coworkers and bosses, there can be no one to confer with about job-related problems. At home, you are all alone and if you have questions, you must wait until your boss is online to get your queries answered.

It can be more demanding than an office job

It is true that a home-based job is highly flexible. However, there are times when you might have to extend your work hours when something has to be done in a hurry. Since your boss knows that you are always at home, he might ask you to do the job.

It will be difficult to refuse family requests while you are working.

When you work at home, you are the best person to ask to run errand anytime because you do not have to observe regular office hours. You do not have to account to anyone for how you spend your time as long as you finish all tasks.

The home can be a noisy place.

For people whose homes are big enough for a private office, a home-based job will not be a problem. You can just close the door and start work and open it when you are done. However, some people do not even have enough space for their laptop or computer. Finding an excellent place at home to convert into an office can be a great challenge.

It requires an excellent internet connection.

You need to be connected to the office while you work through Skype or email. Your boss can throw a question and you are expected to reply right away.  If you are frequently unreachable because of internet issues, your boss might prefer to find someone else who can be contacted any time of the day. If you want to embark on direct selling from your home, it will be best for you to find something that will be easy to sell.  

You cannot get a promotion

Your job does not have a higher level position, which means you cannot move up the ladder. If you work from home, do not aim to get promoted because you will only be disappointed.

Knowing all these things will help you adjust to your home job. You will have full knowledge of the demands of the job and what business will most likely succeed.