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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Best Business Opportunities Reviewed for the Business Opportunity Seeker

Within the pages of Home Biz Critic you will discover the marketing deceptions and outright untruths of many home based business opportunities. You will also discover the many positive, well respected programs and marketing professionals available to you. There are no hidden secrets to Internet home based business success. However the best tips, strategies, and information available is yours at Home Biz Critic. Do you have a passion for home based self employment? If so, you are not alone. Do you have questions about which opportunities are legitimate and which are scams? If so, you are not alone. Home Biz Critic is devoted to providing top notch research, testing, and informational reviews of money making opportunities, thereby, limiting your financial risk. I am only a phone call or an email away for your questions.


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Anthony Robbins - 11/26/2006
There isnít much I can say about Tony Robbins that hasnít been said. He is by far the best known, most widely respected, and most highly regarded public name on the subjects of leadership...

Direct Matches - 11/19/2006
DirectMatches is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to...

Dean Graziosi - 11/19/2006
Others have been harsh in their reviews of Dean Graziosiís books, Motor Millions and Think a Little Different, but if you recognize them for what they are they have a place on your bookshelf in the motivational section...

Ecommerce Exchange - 11/19/2006
If you are going to go online with a website dedicated to an Internet business, you are going to need a merchant account to sell your products and services...

In the sea of marketing hype how does the average person discern which of the many money making opportunities, marketing gurus, home based business opportunities, real estate programs, financial and investment programs, franchises, Internet opportunities, get rich quick schemes, multi-level marketing, networking opportunities, and work from home programs are legitimate? Since over 90% of these so called opportunities are ripe with risk and based on false pretenses, how do you recognize the 10% that are jewels that will reward you with an income you can live on?

Relax, take a breath, and read on. I am going to reveal all of the countless opportunities that are just hype and those that are great business start-ups. I am going to reveal which of the marketing gurus can be trusted. You will find Home Biz Critic packed with informational reviews based on research, testing, personal relationships and mentoring. Protect your wallet and your spirit by clicking on your area of interest.

Over the 29 years that I have been in professional sales and marketing, I have had one driving passion and that is the financial and lifestyle freedom of self employment. I have examined hundreds and hundreds of the offers pitched on television, in magazines, in newspapers and on the net searching for the perfect self employment opportunity. It had to provide serious cash and personal time. Lifestyle freedom was as important to me as the money. I have spent a huge amount of my money seeking self employment.

Why am I doing this? In those 29 years in sales and marketing I learned a lot about human nature. Now, well into my 50's, I still believe that integrity and right intention are the driving motivation behind most human decisions. However, this was not always the case. I got really frustrated by the lies, the deceptions, and the manipulation that went on openly and without challenge in the world in which I worked. So, I jumped in and began researching and reviewing what I was passionate about - finding the perfect self employment vehicles to create multiple streams of income and exposing the con artists and scammers in the process. Smelling out a rat is great fun!

I was self employed from 1976-1989, re-entered corporate America, and exited permanently in 2005. I enjoyed the best and the worst of the journey back to self employment. I spent a lot of money, experienced a number of outsource vendors that ripped me off, had technical failures, was ridiculed, and had no immediate or overnight success, but I was learning what worked and what didn't as I looked at one business opportunity after another.

My work now is to continue to provide a public resource with the best information available on home based business opportunities. I hope this saves you both your valuable time and your hard earned money. You deserve success, and if what I have experienced means you don't have to learn with a 2 by 4, then I have made a difference.

I am taking the heat for you. After years in sales, I have walked through a number of fires. Exposing fraud means threats, nasty emails, unpleasant phone calls, and letters from attorneys. But, here's the message. If I can save you from having to discover for yourself which of the multitude of business opportunities work and which don't, isn't access to that golden 10% worth a few minutes at Home Biz Critic?

I have spent my adult life testing various business opportunities because I am passionate about self employment and creating self employment opportunities with great financial reward. You benefit from my passion to provide helpful information about what is available for your consideration.

I have put in thousands of hours and spent thousands of dollars to bring you money saving, time saving information. Since the business opportunity market is ever changing and evolving, Home Biz Critic will continue to review marketing gurus and business opportunities as they hit the market.

Don't waste another minute of your valuable time. The answers you need are here at Home Biz Critic. If you do find that I have not reviewed a business opportunity in which you have an interest, just email me or call me and I will do your homework and post the grade at Home Biz Critic.

Currently, I am making a comfortable income from my home by using the best marketing methods from the best marketing gurus and the best business opportunities. However, only one opportunity that I have reviewed produces both true wealth and lifestyle freedom.



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